USA-Afghanistan: an explosive file for Donald Trump

On September 7th, after a series of attacks perpetrated by Talibans against Afghan population and authorities, not to mention the 14 000 American soldiers stationed in the country, American President, Donald Trump, in one of his famous tweets, decided to put an end to a year of talks with the Talibans. Talks that were supposed to terminate an 18-year-old conflict.


Trump’s threats put the Muslim Brotherhood on alert

Trump’s threats put the Muslim Brotherhood on alert

Since President Trump’s offensive, threatening to include the Muslim Brotherhood to the list of terrorist entities, Turkish and Qatari secret services have held numerous meetings in Doha to counter the possible consequences of the implementation of these threats.


USA – Iran: the war ?

The US President, Donald Trump, keeps repeating that he can face Iran without resort to war. However, it would be interesting to hear him specify what he would do if Iran was getting enough enriched uranium to make its nuclear bomb or if Iran took other initiatives that would make it cross the red line set by the United States.