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A Muslim Brotherhood leader, director of ulama training center in Doha, calls for murder against Charlie Hebdo

26 September 2020 News   69461  

Mohamed Hassan Dadou is a Muslim Brotherhood leader of Mauritanian origin, residing in Doha, Qatar. He is a member of the board of directors of the International Union of Muslim Ulemas, a body linked to the Muslim Brotherhood founded by the Egyptian-Qatari preacher, Youssef al-Qaradawi, of whom he was long the number 2.

By Atmane Tazaghart

Dadou runs also the Ulema Training Center, created in 2007 in his home country, Mauritania, which the authorities in Nouakchott banned in 2018 and which he has since transformed into a network which he currently runs from Doha.

In an audio recording released, following the recent re-publication of the Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons, by Charlie Hebdo, he considers the “punishment” suffered by the French satirical newspaper, in 2015, “well deserved”. And he calls for murder, in the form of a letter urging Muslims to wash their honor by defending the Prophet Muhammad. He concludes his letter by imploring Allah to inflict on those who mock the Prophet Muhammad the worst punishment in order, he says, to quench “the thirst for revenge which burns in our chests”.


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The worst thing is that this dignitary Muslim Brother, whose Brotherhood claims a moderate Islam and a middle ground, claims to express himself in the name of the spirit of faith and love!


This is a general appeal to all living among the followers of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s peace be upon him, to this honorable Ummah whom Allah has chosen as the best nations of mankind.

My brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that you all love the prophet, Allah’s peace be upon him. You know that this love for the prophet is a sine qua non of faith. And that no one among you can be a believer without loving the prophet more than he loves himself, more than he loves his parents, his children and every other human.

The interest of this love for the prophet is to defend him, to protect him and to sacrifice himself for him. And there is no goodness in you if you don’t.

Most of you are aware that the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo has re-published these days the offensive and provocative cartoons it has published before. And when he had suffered a well-deserved punishment at the time, many mourned him. Walks were organized, in which some of your Presidents, your ministers and your intellectuals took part.

And here they are repeating the same offense and the same provocation. And this in order to test you to know if there are any living among you, capable of defending honor.

Are there any defenders of the prophet among you? This is a test from Allah. And I am speaking to you in the name of the spirit of faith and love, for you to fulfill your duty as followers of the prophet, Allah’s peace be upon him. So defend your prophet, Allah’s peace be upon him and defend your religion. Show Allah the best of yourself and count on Allah’s help.

I implore Allah the Almighty to help those who protect this religion and defend its honorable Prophet, Allah’s peace be upon him. I implore him to inflict defeats, misfortunes and catastrophes on his enemies and on all those who insult him or laugh at him.

O! Allah, how you inflicted death on those who mocked the prophet while he was alive, inflict death on those who laugh at him today.

O! Allah, the almighty bear upon them your punishment. Give them the worst beatings.

O! Allah, quench the thirst for revenge that burns in our chests!

O! Allah, quench the thirst for revenge that burns in our chests!

O! Allah, quench the thirst for revenge that burns in our chests!