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Hamas leader filmed with prostitute in Israeli hotel!

15 June 2021 Investigations   60751  

Hamas leader Abdel Rahim Abou Fanah, chairman of the Zakat [Islamic legal alms, one of Hamas’ main channels for fundraising] committee within the Palestinian Islamist organization, ignited Arab social networks: In a video filmed on a mobile phone, by a young man speaking in the Palestinian Arabic dialect, this Hamas cadre appeared naked, in the company of a prostitute, in what appears to be an Israeli hotel, as indicate by signs in Hebrew on the furniture.

The video has aroused heated controversy, because Hamas, an Islamist organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, advocates chastity and imposes a ruthless dictate on the inhabitants of Gaza and a very strict control of “good morals”.

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Meanwhile, the public in Gaza was shocked to see a Hamas leader enjoying the opulence of a luxury hotel in an Israeli resort town, when Gaza is under rubble, following the Israeli bombardments caused by Hamas missile fire!

In addition, the Zakat committee, headed by Abdel Rahim Abou Fanah, within Hamas, was pinned down by several investigations related to Hamas funding, in Germany in April 2019, then in Spain in November 2020.

And in August 2020, the board of directors of Islamic Relief [The largest Islamist NGO, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, based in London and present in 40 countries around the world] was forced to resign, following the revelation of videos, dating from 2014 and 2015, in which Almoutaz Tayara [who had just been appointed president of Islamic Relief, in early August 2020, replacing Heshmat Khalifa, resigned following anti-Semitic remarks revealed by The Times] apologized for Hamas and called for the collection of donations, on behalf of Zakat, for the benefit of this organization classified as terrorist in United Kingdom !