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Hani Ramadan, Musulman intellectuel, fondateur et directeur du premier centre islamique de la Suisse a Genave, s'exprime lors de la troisieme conference annuelle du Conseil Central Islamique Suisse, CCIS, ce samedi 21 decembre 2013 a Palexpo Geneve. La conference annuelle du Conseil Central Islamique est la plus grande manifestation islamique en Suisse. Cette annee sous la devise "Tawhid comme methode". Plus de 20 orateurs, chanteurs d'anasheeds et recitateurs du Coran provenant de douze pays font partie du programme. (KEYSTONE/Martial Trezzini)


Hani Ramadan adopts the conspiracy theory blaming the 9/11 attacks

2 September 2020 News   22934  

While the French Ministry of the Interior has just renewed Hani Ramadan’s ban on staying in France (a ban which dates back to April 2017), the Director of the Islamic Center of Geneva (Tariq Ramadan’s brother) replies by questioning the official version of the 9/11 attacks!

By Ian Hamel

Hani Ramadan strongly criticised this ban, especially since the French Ministry of the Interior has also renewed, for a period of six months, the freezing of his assets in France. Speaking on a blog published by La Tribune de Genève, Hani Ramadan stated that he “strongly opposes this provision which is not justified in any way, and which is in complete contradiction with the rights of any individual, be he Muslim”. And to defend himself against this ban, he refers to “Zionist state terrorism against civilians”, which is his usual rhetoric, but also to what he calls “the conspiracy version of the [9/11] attacks”!

What does this have to do with the decision of the Ministry of the Interior? Apparently none, except that with 11 September approaching, the author of L’islam et la dérive de l’Occident would like to remind us of it. Less media-oriented than his brother Tariq, Hani Ramadan has always favoured outrageous statements that do not concern themselves with seducing “infidels” but are addressed to the supporters of radical Islam.

It should be remembered that in September 2002, one year after the attacks, Hani Ramadan defended stoning to death for adultery in Le Monde, for which he lost his job in a Geneva college. More recently, invited to a school, he compared unveiled women to “a two-euro coin that passes from hand to hand”! Finally, at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hani Ramadan claimed that fornication and adultery were at the origin of the coronavirus. And in the same audio sermon, he also affirmed that a Muslim who would have done his prayers well would have nothing to fear from a harmful or venomous animal, because its venom would have no effect on him!

This time, regarding the 9/11 attacks, the director of the Islamic Center of Geneva claims that 520 architects and engineers “want to know why official reports have omitted all the crucial legal and scientific clues related to the controlled explosive demolition of each of the three skyscrapers of the World Trade Center”. Hani Ramadan adds that this discourse, “supported by a large number of scientists and academics”, is described as a “conspiracy theory”, but “that a healthy democracy guarantees that everyone can express their opinion freely, without it being perceived as a call to hatred”.

The director of the Islamic Center of Geneva forgets, however, that he is by no means forbidden to stay in France for his ranting about 9/11, but for his radical positions and his calls for hatred and discrimination, particularly against women.