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Putting an end to Western laxity towards political Islamism

10 March 2022 Expertises   1139  

Hamid Zanaz

For four decades, European governments have welcomed hundreds of Islamic leaders into their countries. Some do so for political and strategic reasons, others are motivated by the defence of human rights. One thing is certain, however: the intentions of these “unusual” arrivals have nothing to do with the expectations and motivations of European authorities. These Islamists slyly take advantage of the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the Western democracies that they viscerally detest. Worse still, they have no qualms about spreading a separatist discourse among Muslims living in the West, encouraging them to demand the application of specific rights. And ultimately aim at the application of Sharia law in their communities.

Let’s not be fooled and remove our blinkers: the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the Islamisation of this welcoming West that has little regard for their vile schemes! Fatal errors in the analysis of the ideological nature of the Muslim Brotherhood have been made by many in the West. They have led to a misunderstanding of the Brotherhood’s true objectives, to the extent that many scholars and politicians in Europe consider them to be moderate Muslim conservatives capable of co-existing with modern democratic values and laws.

The mask of the Muslim Brotherhood’s alleged moderation has deceived many Europeans and Americans, reassured by a “smooth”, “friendly” discourse that has nothing to do with the original Islamist discourse, formulated in Arabic and aimed first at the Brotherhood’s supporters, then at Muslims in general.

This double language becomes clear when one closely examines the pseudo-conciliatory writings of the Muslim Brotherhood published in French and the destructive and violent ideas they publish on their websites and in their Arabic-language newspapers. This method was used, for example, by the Algerian Muslim Brotherhood during their election campaigns in the 1990s, when they addressed French-speaking readers in a discourse close to secularism, but used a discourse glorifying the Islamic State when addressing Arabic-speaking readers.

This ruse worked well, until the murderous attacks perpetrated in France and Europe by jihadists. Politicians, researchers, journalists and other promoters of an “Islam of the Enlightenment” then found themselves faced with their own denials. A minority of them took the time to examine the true face of this Brotherhood, its functioning, its positions and its actions in history. The Muslim Brotherhood has, at last, been demystified by books, investigations, reports, press articles dissecting and analysing its discourse, revealing the fascism of some of its leaders and their relays in the West, following the example of numerous mosques and supposedly cultural centres…

This is how the general public in the West began to discover, little by little, the dark side and secret structures of the Brotherhood founded by Hassan al-Banna, the grandfather of Tareq and Hani Ramadan. Once revealed, the Brothers keep a low profile, using taqiyya, that is to say dissimulation and duplicity, they try by all means to distinguish themselves from jihadism, to embellish their image. In vain, because their secret links with violent Islamist groups, their schemes, their entryism, their intrigues, their involvement in assassinations, their collaboration with the Third Reich, are now known and documented.

Mahmoud Mahdi Akef, the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide from 2004 to 2010, revealed what had been planned for decades by Hassan al-Banna’s followers, saying that “the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to establish a global Islamic state. We Muslims are migrating all over the world and there is still a long way to go before we can take over Europe”.

In an interview with El Karama, a Cairo-based magazine, the guide signed off and persisted: “Islam is the solution is still our central electoral slogan”. The same guide advised parents to perform excision on their little girls: “The Americans are spending millions of dollars continuously in order to change the way Muslims are. They have declared war on female circumcision, a custom that has been practiced since the time of the Pharaohs in 36 countries”.

The guide’s position hardly differs from that of his companion in the Brotherhood, the famous preacher Youssef al-Qaradawi, who is also an advocate of this criminal amputation: “Excision is authorised. And if parents feel that it is beneficial for their daughters, let them do it, even if the issue remains under discussion among Muslim scholars,” explained the star theologian of Al-Jazeera.

As for Mustapha Machhour, the previous leader of the Muslim Brotherhood between 1996 and 2002, he declared without hesitation on 7 July 1997 to the English edition of Al Ahram Hebdo: “Being dhimmis, as required by the Sharia, the Copts should pay the djizya (tax imposed on non-Muslims living in an Islamic country)”.

Safwat Hijazi, one of the intellectual figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, sums up the Brotherhood’s project in unequivocal terms: “The reader of the Brotherhood’s writings must not lose sight of the following: the Caliphate and world domination. Yes, one day we will be the masters of the world”.

We can also read, on the Brotherhood’s website, a glorification of ISIS, published on 24 November 2014, by one of its cadres, a writer and famous professor at Tanta University in Egypt, Hilmi Al-Qaoud. According to him, “many sites praise the Islamic State for working hard to establish social justice and that people are happy under the rule of ISIS, because it is this state that protects them from Iraqi Shiite militias and the tyrant Bashar al-Assad. For these reasons, people support ISIS in its war against the Crusaders and local tyrants”. Furthermore, in early 2015, in a televised speech, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, Hamza Mansour, refused to call ISIS a terrorist organisation.

Inciting Muslims settled in the West to fill up with communitarianism, Youssef Al-Qaradawi evokes a strange argument, calling on Muslims in the West to “imitate the Jews”, by shutting themselves up in ghettos! In order to promote communal isolationism and the withdrawal of Muslims, he does not hesitate to twist the neck of historical truths to make people believe that European Jews voluntarily chose to lock themselves up in ghettos: “I told our brothers who live abroad: try to create a small community for yourselves in the big society, otherwise you will melt in the West like salt in water. What saved Judaism in the last centuries was its small community known as the Jewish ghetto. Try to have your own community”.

Will the Western ruling elites ever understand the dangerousness of this Brotherhood that aims to Islamise the world? Will they grasp the totalitarian and expansionist nature of the ideological war it is waging against the West and the whole of humanity?