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Euro Fatwa App: A tool of hatred and Muslim brotherhood propaganda for smartphones!

17 July 2019 Investigations   8533  

The latest find of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) is a smartphone app, launched with great fanfare last April.

By Atmane Tazaghart


It is called EuroFatwaApp and is available in Arabic, English and Spanish. With the promise that other European languages will soon follow. 

Accompanied by a slogan presenting it as a “theological guide for European Muslims”, it is intended to promote “moderate Islam and the middle ground”. However, it was quickly criticised by the Anglo-Saxon press because of its hateful content, which was evident from the very beginning of the application, in the introcuction written by ECFR founder Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, which contains violent anti-Semitic statements, as revealed by the Sunday Times. 

In the face of this scandal, the ECFR hastened to remove the infamous introduction of its founder, without denouncing it or even commenting on it. Simply replacing it with a more conciliatory introduction, written by his new president, Abdullah al-Joudai.

But this cunning has not succeeded in putting an end to reproaches. For, beyond the antisemitic drifts of the old Qaradhawi (see the column by Ian Hamel, page 10), these are the foundations of the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine that pose a problem to Western authorities and NGOs. In particular, regarding the dogmatic positions of the Brotherhood that undermine the rights and dignity of women, and its communitarian visions that are contrary to Western values ​​of living together and respect for the Other.

These revelations led Google to remove the Appli from its online store. But it remains accessible on many platforms, including the Apple store.