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64 million euros in European grants awarded to associations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood

18 November 2021 Expertises   34358  

atmane tazaghart

It is a real hold-up operated by the Islamist associations affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, which got their hands on a gigantic hoard estimated at more than 64 million of public subsidies granted by the European Commission and the Council of Europe, since 2007.

By Atmane Tazaghart

The figure is far from exhaustive. It is a count established by Global Watch Analysis, by cross-checking various figures mentioned by the media or MEPs with data from the European Commission Financial Transparency System (ECFTS). This is a minimum estimate which in reality covers only the tip of the iceberg. The exercise is extremely perilous: transparency is not the rule within the European authorities and even less so among the beneficiary associations.

Three types of associations are at the top of the list of Islamist organisations benefiting from these European grants: Islamist humanitarian NGOs, such as Islamic Relief (IR) or Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC); federations of youth and women’s associations, such as the Forum of European Muslim Young & Student Organisations (FEMYSO) or the European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW); Community organisations that wage a “legal jihad” against opponents of Islamism – as Fadila Maaroufi, founder of the Observatory of Fundamentalisms in Brussels, puts it – such as the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) and its Belgian avatar (CCIB).

All these associations have in common a proven affiliation (even if they refuse to admit it publicly – see page 15, our interview with the former leader of the FEMYSO, Michaël Privot) to the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), the supreme structure that oversees the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood on a pan-European scale.

According to Global Watch Analysis, the lion’s share of European subsidies to Islamist organisations goes to Islamic Relief, a London-based, Freudian charity with a presence in 60 countries. It alone has received €40,026,424 from the European Commission since 2009. Worse still, the scandals linked to anti-Semitic abuses and apology for terrorism, which splashed Islamic Relief in August 2020, causing the resignation of its president and then its entire board of directors, did not prevent the European Commission from renewing it as a “humanitarian partner” until 2027!

In addition, the IHRC has received €600,000 in European subsidies. As for the subsidies granted to FEMYSO, they amount to €720,000. And according to information revealed by the weekly Franc Tireur, the CCIF – whose dissolution was ordered by the French Ministry of the Interior in October 2020 because of its role in inciting the murder of Samuel Paty – would have received €810,000 in European subsidies between 2012 and 2017!

The Islamist attacks that have targeted Europe since 2015 and the successive revelations, particularly since the publication of the book-investigation by Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot (Qatar Papers, April 2019) on the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and its disturbing aims in Europe, should have pushed the European authorities to put an end to their complacent naivety in the face of the lobbying of Islamist associations.

However, the opposite happened: in the aftermath of the Paris and Brussels attacks in November 2015, rather than taking a firm stance against the Islamist danger, the European Commission hastened to create a post of “Coordinator against anti-Muslim hatred”! The Muslim Brotherhood influence networks and their Islamo-leftist “useful idiots” then jumped on the opportunity to make people believe that “jihadist extremism is the result of anti-Muslim hatred”. In order to fight jihadist terrorism, the European authorities had only to redouble their efforts to financially support associations fighting against Islamophobia!