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22 French personalities call for the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation ‘French Muslims’

16 November 2020 News   12279  

In an open letter addressed to President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, 22 French personalities, including elected officials, intellectuals, researchers and a lieutenant general, called for the dissolution of the organisation “French Muslims” (formerly UOIF), the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood described as a “secret brotherhood that advocates a political and totalitarian Islam” whose “thinkers have inspired worldwide jihadism”.

Open letter: “For a dissolution of the organisation ‘French Muslims’ (formerly UOIF)”

Fighting the Islamist hydra requires striking its ideological matrix in the heart.

Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, Mr Jean Castex, Prime Minister, Mr Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior,

The government wants to fight against Islamism, which has just killed again in our country. Fighting Islamism means fighting terrorist networks. But it is also fighting the ideology that feeds them. We know that this ideology has two variants: Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

Nowadays, Salafism is well known and identified. Its influence has been identified, particularly on the Internet. What about the other current of Islamist ideology?

The Muslim Brotherhood is first of all a secret brotherhood founded in Egypt, which advocates a political and totalitarian Islam, whose aim is to impose the hegemony of the Islamic law. Enemies of the West, supporters of the Nazi regime, its thinkers inspired worldwide jihadism. It gave birth to an international movement, whose French branch is represented by the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), renamed “French Muslims” in 2017 by political calculation.

Established in France since the 1980s by foreign Islamist militants, this historic Muslim Brotherhood organisation has succeeded in winning over successive governments. The UOIF’s objectives are to lock all French Muslims into a community identity, to make them tip over into a fundamentalist Islam, to ensure a stranglehold on the representation of Muslims, in order to become the privileged interlocutor of the public authorities, at national and departmental levels. To this end, the organisation instrumentalises victimisation and fuels hatred by spreading the notion of “Islamophobia”.

The dissolution of the CCIF (the Collective Against Islamophobia in France), the militant, activist and populist side of Islamism in France, was requested. It is essential. But it is also necessary to tackle the historical structure, the UOIF, with its preachers, its theologians, and its diffusion channels: the “European Institutes of Human Sciences” (IESH) of Château-Chinon and Saint-Denis, the association “Havre de Savoir”, its denominational schools, its mosques, its various associations. All these structures, perfectly known and identified by the State services, are directly affiliated to the UOIF.

The main theologian of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, member of the scientific committee of the IESH of Château-Chinon, is the spiritual reference of both IESH and UOIF. Banned from entering France since 2012, long wanted by Interpol, he justified the suicide attacks. A fanatical anti-Semite and supporter of the death penalty for homosexuals, he calls for the conquest of Europe through preaching and ideology.

In the current state of the law, the ideological impregnation of the perpetrators of terrorist acts is not directly recognised in the Penal Code. There is an urgent need to adapt our legal arsenal to reality. But immediate action is possible.

Is it permissible for enemies of the Republic to be represented in a body such as the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), which, together with the Muslim Association for Islam in France (AMIF), is responsible for organising the training of future imams?

Is it acceptable for Islamist organisations in France, affiliated to the UOIF, to receive funding from foreign states, such as Qatar, which is notably calling for a boycott of French products?

Is it normal for these structures to declare themselves to be of “general interest”, and thus finance themselves at the expense of French taxpayers’ money? Depriving anti-republican associations of these tax advantages and demanding controls by the tax authorities would be a significant step in the concrete fight against Islamism.

France, country of the Enlightenment and homeland of Voltaire, is the primary target of the Muslim Brotherhood, be it the Turkish President R.T. Erdogan, or the Qatari Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), Ali Al-Qaradaghi, who claims that the assassination of Samuel Paty “is a manipulation of the French intelligence services”. This leader participated in the “Annual Meeting of French Muslims” organised at Le Bourget by the UOIF in 2015. Several leaders of the UOIF, such as Ahmed Jaballah and Larbi Becheri, deans of the two IESHs which train imams (!), are members of this international Islamist body that is the IUMS.

Our grandparents were able to curb Nazi ideology. It is our duty to fight relentlessly against the Islamist ideology that arms those who relentlessly commit bloody attacks on our soil.

France is going through a historic moment. It is now a matter of preserving civil peace. The French expect the public authorities to neutralise the ideologues and Islamist militants who threaten it.

The historic organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood in France must be prevented from being damaged.

Mr. the President of the Republic, Mr. the Prime Minister, Mr. the Minister of the Interior, we ask you to dissolve the “French Muslims” federation, formerly UOIF!


  1. Razika ADNANI, philosopher and islamologist
  2. Julien AUBERT, deputy of Vaucluse
  3. Guillaume BIGOT, political scientist
  4. Bertrand SOUBELET, Lieutenant General (retired), vice-president of Objectif-France
  5. Ghislain de CASTELBAJAC, expert in international relations, specialist in the Middle East
  6. Jacqueline EUSTACHE-BRINIO, Senator of Val-d’Oise (LR)
  7. Louis de BROISSIA, honorary member of Parliament, former ambassador
  8. Mohamed LOUIZI, essayist and engineer
  9. Jean–Michel NOGUEROLES, PhD in law, international lawyer
  10. Céline PINA, editorialist and essayist – Viv(r)e la République Movement
  11. Bruno RETAILLEAU, Senator of Vendée – President of the LR group in the Senate
  12. Alexandre DEL VALLE, geopolitical expert, essayist and PhD in Contemporary History
  13. Zineb EL RHAZOUI, Marianne Jacques France, Simone Veil Prize
  14. Anne FORNIER, volcanologist, president of Volcano Active Foundation
  15. Roland LOMBARDI, PhD in Contemporary History, geopolitical expert
  16. Guylain CHEVRIER, PhD in History, former member of the commission Laïcité du Haut Conseil à l’Intégration (Secularism Commission of the High Council for Integration)
  17. Georges KUZMANOVIC, president of the Sovereign Republic
  18. Edward AMIACH: president of the UPJF
  19. Manel MSALMI, Advisor on MENA – Meps EU
  20. Fatiha BOYER, president of the association Ni Putes ni Soumises du 76
  21. Valérie BOYER, senator of the Bouches-du-Rhône (LR)
  22. Sébastien LAYE, president of the party Quatre Piliers