Why turn the SCREEN WATCH back on?

atmane tazaghart (*)

The world is going through a turbulent period. One of these grey areas of history which Antonio Gramsci described, with the foresight for which he is known, as those moments of twilight from which monsters emerge, when the old world is dying and the new world is slow to be born. And one of the appalling symptoms of this gestation is the perversion of humanist values, to the benefit of hate speech that resurfaces under a new guise which does not in any way change its abject nature: racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ethnic and religious extremism.

Thus, hateful thought and speech are not only made free, they also – and this is the most terrifying – become commonplace. As a result, hate speech is no longer found only among the margins and the extremes, it is increasingly contaminating the entire socio-political chessboard.
Absolute proof of this perversion of values is that, as “leader of the free world”, the impulsive new resident of the White House has turned xenophobia, populism and narcissistic madness into the new foundations of US policy and diplomacy!
Similarly, we can only watch with consternation as the old anti-Semitic demons seek to cover themselves in impossible respectability, by flying the flags of false true-seeming left-wing values. They exploit the just Palestinian cause and anti-Zionism (which, although some may argue, is not a form of anti-Semitism!) to promote the most abject Judeophobic impulses. Of course, it is abusive to want to link any criticism of Israeli policy with this abject line of thought, as some zealots are prone to do.
And it is according to this same process of reversals and perversions of values that the Muslim Brotherhood – the headquarters of all Islamist extremists – while claiming a supposedly moderate and “middle-ground” Islamism, continues to weave its global web aimed at imposing on the world a sectarian and supremacist doctrine in which the Other (non-Muslims, even when they are fellow citizens) may only ever be a submissive subject!
This publication, the SCREEN WATCH, and the global-watch-analysis.com website of which it is an emanation, are intended as tools for monitoring and alerting against all of these forms of extremism and in particular against the usurpation of our humanist values, the fundamental values that constitute the civilizational foundation of peace, fraternity, equality and coexistence.

* Editor-in-chief