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Belgium: Imam Toujgani, the “moderate” who called to “burn the Jews”!

20 March 2022 News   892  

Imam Mohamed Toujgani is affiliated to the Council of Theologians of Belgium, a very opaque organisation, close to the Executive of Muslims of Belgium (EMB). The other Muslim organisations in Belgium accuse the members of this executive of being co-opted in a “nepotistic manner”. Its board is currently chaired by Imam Tahar Toujgani, Mohamed’s cousin, who is also head of the European Council of Moroccan Ulemas.

Mohamed Toujgani is also close to the League of Muslims of Belgium, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (see photo above). The al-Khalil mosque, of which he was the imam, in Molenbeek, was created in 1985 by the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Toujgani claims to be the bearer of a discourse of tolerance and openness. However, two years before his ban in Belgium, he had already raised a lot of controversy following the revelation of a video (posted on YouTube in 2009) in which he called for “burning the Jews”.

Toujgani also claims to be a promoter of interfaith dialogue. However, some people wonder how and with what philosophical presuppositions he could promote dialogue with other religions, given that he is totally ignorant of Belgian cultural references?

The sociology of Belgian Islam is not comparable with that of France. A man like Toujgani on French soil would have no legitimacy or credibility with the public authorities. For he is the incarnation of the shortcomings of a traditionalist religious current, with many shortcomings, which has been established in Belgium for 40 years.

However, the question arises as to how people like Imam Toujgani, whose “dangerous associations” are now being discovered, according to Belgian state security, went from being undesirable to being solicited for mediation and official meetings, in the context of the promotion of an alleged discourse of moderation.