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When the Emir of Qatar boasts of having refused to meet Codoleezza Rice because of her skin color!

7 July 2020 Elmaniya.tv   196450  

New revelations in the Leaks related to the secret conversations between the ex-Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, and the former emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani.
In a new excerpt from these conversations, which took place in the legendary tent of Gaddafi and which were recorded by him, the emir of Qatar boasts of having refused to meet Condoleezza Rice in New York due, says- he, of a “problem” linked to the fact that “this lady is too tanned”.
These racist remarks come after a first slippage during which the emir of Qatar called President Obama a “slave”!

In a second excerpt, the Emir of Qatar prides itself on being the 16th grandson of the founder of Wahhabism, Mohamed Bin Abdelwahhab.
Here is the full verbatim of these two new recordings:
Extract 1
-Gaddafi: Within a year the revolution will break out, especially with the arrival of the Democrats in the United States
-Hamad: Democrats will hurt the Saudis. The American Democrats …
-Gaddafi: Do they like Saudi Arabia?
-Hamad: No, they will hurt him. You can note that, on my responsibility.
-Gaddafi: Ah, yes, they want to hurt him
-Hamad: I’ll tell them about it. Even when I was at the UN in September, Condoleezza Rice asked to see me, but I said no. She even offered to come to my hotel, but I refused because we have a problem. As you said yourself, this lady is too tanned!
(Bursts of laughter)
Extract 2:
– Hamad: Those who lead this action are my men, Wahhabis. They are from my family. You know that I am the 16th grandson of our Sheikh Mohamed Ben Abdalwahhab [the founder of Wahhabism]. We are bound by the Wahhaba.
-Gaddafi: He was from the Tamim tribe
-Hamad: Yes, yes. And it was he who unified Arabia.
-Gaddafi: He unified it for the benefit of the Saud
-Hamad: Alas, Allah wanted it so.
(Bursts of laughter)
-Hamad: Lessons must be learned…
-Gaddafi: This means, without wanting to offend you, that your great grandfather is an idiot or that he has been duped! Why didn’t he exploit this religious ideology to establish his own power!
-Hamad: He preferred to secure paradise in the afterlife.