The Muslim Brotherhood, the brotherhood that is silently Islamizing Europe

Hamid Zanaz (*)

European governments have left the way open for the Muslim Brotherhood to shape the Islamic public opinion in Europe as they wished. And the results were soon available. They have succeeded in Islamizing thousands of young people and adults, as reported in polls and surveys published in the European press and still vilified by the Muslim Brotherhood and their European accomplices.

They fear that their underground work will be discovered and that the European authorities will put an end to the privileges and aid of all kinds they have enjoyed for years. Through their naivety, European governments are unknowingly Islamizing and radicalizing young people of Muslim origin. The Brothers continue to scam the Westerners, authority and civil society, by showing a moderate face, which is their trademark. They are Muslim democrats like Christian democrats. But the comparison makes no sense given the glaring difference between Islam and Christianity.

The left has always minimized the destructive force of Islam(ism) in Europe. His press had been hiding the truth for two decades. It has always wanted to convince people that the number of people who want to apply Sharia law is very limited among Muslims in Europe! But what do the studies and figures really show?

Launched in the aftermath of the attacks of November 13, 2015, the investigation by political scientist Anne Muxel and sociologist Olivier Galland into the radical temptation among high school students reached nearly 7,000 high school students. Published in spring 2018 by the CNRS, it shows a specific effect of the Muslim faith on religious radicality, as well as important and significant differences between students who declare themselves Muslim and those who do not. Thus, 81% of Muslim high school students believe that “it is rather religion that is right on the question of the creation of the world”, whereas they are only 27% among Christians and 35% among young people of other religions; 35% of Muslims consider that there is “only one true religion”, while only 10% of Christians think so. Concerning violence, 20% of Muslims declare it acceptable, in some cases, to fight “weapons in hand for their religion”, against 9% for Christians and 13% for other religions. As for religious absolutism and the justification of violence in the name of religion, the authors wrote:

“Compared to Christians, the Muslims we interviewed are five times more likely to be absolutists and twice as likely to justify religious violence.”

There is every indication that radicality is well established among Muslim youth, as well as in the Muslim community as a whole. This is automatically linked to the rise of religiosity in their communities.

The majority of Muslims in Europe believe that Islamic Sharia law should take primacy over the secular laws of the host country. According to several surveys, Islamic fundamentalism is growing very rapidly in Western Europe.

Muslims surveyed in Britain, France, Spain and Germany said they support 25% of extremists. Another survey shows that 16% of French and Spanish Muslims, as well as 15% of English Muslims, say they are willing to support suicide attacks to protect Islam; and 13% of British Muslims justify the July 7, 2005 attacks in London.

Another survey carried out by the “Berlin Social Science Center“ (WZB), reveals that more than half of Belgian Muslims are said to be “fundamentalists” and to display hostility towards Jews and homosexuals. The survey surveyed 9,000 Muslims (1,200 in Belgium, 600 French-speaking and 600 Flemish, of Moroccan and Turkish origin) and Christians in six countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Austria).

The interviewees were asked to confirm or refute these three suggestions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

– Muslims must return to the roots of their faith

Almost 60% of Muslims believe that their community should return to its Islamic roots. 44% of Moroccans and Turks surveyed agree with these fundamentalist statements.

– there is only one interpretation of the Koran. Every Muslim must stick to it

75% of those questioned share the view that there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Koran, which should apply to all Muslims.

– Religious rules are more important than laws

65% of Muslims surveyed clearly state that Islamic Sharia law is more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live.

According to this study, led by Dutch sociologist Ruud Koopmans and funded by the German government, Muslims in Belgium (as well as those in France and Austria in equal proportions) appear to be the most fundamentalist and xenophobic. But all indications are that the majority of Muslims in Europe prefer Sharia law.

According to Professor Koopmans’ definition of fundamentalism, the majority of Muslims in these countries are fundamentalists: fundamentalism, according to him, is “the religious expression of what psychologists call an authoritarian personality: someone who cannot stand contradiction”.

For Dutch professor Ruud Koopmans, director of the “migration unit” in the Berlin centre, these figures show that Belgium, for example, is no longer a major supplier of jihadists in Syria by chance: “To fight radicalism, he added, the government must obviously look further than this small group that uses violence. The roots of the problem lie in the Muslim community itself. A bellicose attitude is caused by external circumstances such as the situation in Syria. But it can be seen that a significant minority within the Muslim community in Europe supports a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam.”

The brotherhood of the Muslim Brotherhood has done a good job in broad daylight, and, undisguised, it still continues to Islamise over almost the whole of Europe without being in any way worried. The brotherhood uses the tolerance of the West against the West itself. Two possible scenarios: the uprising of the European peoples against this cultural aggression, or submission to the fascist ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.


*Writer and essayist, latest book published “L’Europe face à l’invasion islamique” (Editions de Paris, 2019).