The new business of the Swiss brother of Osama bin Laden

Returned to Saudi Arabia, Yeslam Bin Laden, 68, one of Osama’s older brothers, had been out of radar for many years. We have just learned that he has recently sold his private residence in Geneva, bought in 1985, for 23 million Swiss francs (20, 2 million euros).


Located on the shores of Lake Geneva since 1981, naturalized Swiss, Yeslam Bin Laden was in the crosshairs of a French judge, Renaud Van Ruymbeke, following a report from Tracfin in November 2001.

The day after September 11, Yeslam bin Laden had transformed his company, the Saudi Investment Company (SICO), to become a minority shareholder. The main occupation of SICO, owned by the Falken holding company in the Cayman Islands, was the transfer of money to tax havens. That’s how for example, Yeslam Bin Laden, who held in Panama the company Celta Finance, received between 1999 and 2001, six million euros from the British company Colmar Limited.
The problem is that for years all letters rogatory sent by judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke in these exotic countries have remained unanswered. As a result, on December 27, 2006, the magistrate was forced to sign a “dismissal order”, explaining that “the investigations carried out did not make it possible to mark money laundering or financing activities or networks related to Osama Bin Laden from the companies analyzed”.
However, not fooled, the judge adds: “we order the deposit at the registry to be resumed if there were new charges”. But since 2006, neither Yeslam Bin Laden nor the members of his family have been alarmed by the western justice systems. On the other hand, some of them were caught in the net launched by Mohammed Ben Salman, to force a number of the biggest businessmen of the Kingdom to repay huge sums improperly affected. The Bin Laden clan was thus forced to sell its shares in the Saudi Binladin Group, the family’s parent company in Saudi Arabia.